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Core Competencies: Components

The following is an account of various component types that have been designed into projects listed within the “Core Competencies: Projects” WebPages.

RF Domain

LNA, Log Amplifiers, PIN diodes, Attenuators, Mixers, Modulators, VCO, OCXO, SAW filters, BALUN transformers, Power splitters/combiners Power detectors, Circulators, Isolators, Duplexors, Tuned cavity and Dielectric resonators, High Q printed and wirewound Inductors, Ceramic/Porcelain MLC/SLC capacitors, Shielding, Microstrip and differential impedance matching/PCB routing.

Analog Domain

Transformers, Op-amps, Comparators, Optical servo-isolators, Diodes, BJT, JFET, MOSFET, HBT, HEMT, DIAC, TRIAC, SCR, Wirewound/printed inductors, PTC/NTC thermistors, varistors, gas discharge tubes, Film/ceramic/electrolytic/tantalum capacitors, Crystal resonators.

Digital Domain

LS/ECL/CMOS type standard logic parts, SRAM, SDRAM, DRAM, Dual-port RAM, CAM, FIFO, Flash, EPROM, Xilinx FPGA/PLDs, Altera PLDs, Optical isolators

Mixed Signal Domain

Conventional/Oversampled/Undersampled ADC/DAC converters, a/u law CODEC.


MPC8260, MPC860, I960, MC68000, MC68302, ADSP21xx, TMS320C6211.


Solenoids, DC motors, switches, thermal sensors, LED, LCD, Fibre optic transceivers, optical proximity, Mono/Dipole/Parabolic/Corner/Patch Antenna.

Application Specific

Switch mode & linear regulators, SLICs, CODECs, framers, PLL, crosspoints, MODEMS, Ethernet/DSx AFEs, HDLC/ISDN/CAS/IP/ATM link/protocol controllers.

Energy Storage

Lead Acid/ NiCAD batteries, SuperCAP.


Springs, Injection Moulding, Mylar, EIA card cage and cabinet racking , fasteners.