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Core Competencies: Firmware

The following is an account of various firmware functions that have been designed into projects listed within the “Core Competencies: Projects” WebPages.

Microprocessor Glue Logic

Interrupt Encodes

Address Decoders

DMA Controller

Memory Mapped I/O

Persistence Checking

Peripheral Read/Write Controllers

Intel Address/Data Demux Controller

Byte Boundary/Endian Controller

Bus/Address Error Generator

Interrupt Generators (timed, strobed event etc.)

State Machines

Synchronous Mealy and Moore Machines

One-Hot State Encoding

Double Clocking

Data Path

High Speed Drop and Insert Multiplexor

TDM Constant Delay Crosspoint

Delay Equalizer


Digital Down-converter (GSM)

Power Ramping Look-up Table (GSM)