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Core Competencies: Projects

The following is a list of projects that we have been extensively involved with from inception to prototype to (in most cases) full scale production:

Analog subscriber interface:

Loop/Ground start, DID, POTS, Payphone,

Two way ringdown, Telcordia CLASS services (call display), ETSI teletax metering

Analog Trunk interface:

E&M, R1, R2

Digital Trunk interface:

E1/T1, E3 with CAS, CCS, R1, R2, SS#5, V5.x

Channelized and unchannelized OC-3

Radio Transceiver:

GSM (900 MHz, ETSI phase 2+)

         high power narrowband transmitter

         low noise high IP3 narrow band receiver

High Capacity Switching Fabrics:

TDM Circuit switched

Packet switching

Slow Frequency hopping

Baseband Signal Processing Algorithms:

R1, R2, DTMF, MF, Telcordia CLASS services (CPFSK MODEM), C-message weighted noise, AGC, RSSI.

GSM signal processing (GMSK MODEM, voice source coding, FEC channel coding, and  RF Power ramping and control)

Hot Swap Backplane Data Transport:

Point-to-point Drop and Insert LVDS SerDes

Point-to-multipoint ST-Bus

Point-to-multipoint HDLC

Power Supply:

Low noise system power distribution

Thermal Management

Terminal Equipment:

POTS telephone, including plastic injection moulding of ESD proof enclosure