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Design Services: Service Process

The following is a generalized process that is used at Codified Telenumerics for servicing our clients. Pass your pointing device over the flow chart box of interest for further information.


Client Requirements:

For a feasibility study, client input would include a clear problem statement with directives. For product development, client requirements might include performance specifications, delivery time table, target BOM cost, anticipated volumes, etc.Written Work Proposal:

The work proposal usually includes all the necessary terms of a contract. The major items include Approach, Work Scope, Timeline, Fee Structure, etc.

Contract Amendments:

Amendments to the contract may be necessary either due to unforeseeable events/discoveries or as a result of additional client requirements. 
All contract modifications will be put in writting and agreed by both parties.Signed Contract:

Unless otherwise stipulated, a signed work proposal constitutes a contract. Contracts for complex projects may be formalized by, or at the request of the client.

Informal Status Updates:

The client is welcome to make informal enquires into the project status. Requests for contract modification may also be initiated at this point.Contract Implementation:

Work is performed in accordance with contract terms. Interim reports are generated at identified milestones and the client is notified of the occurance of any unforseen events that could negatively impact the project.Interm Reports:

For non-trivial projects, interim reports will be generated at specific milestones indicated within the contract. In many cases, progress payments are made at the successful completion of each milestone.Deliverables:

Deliverables include Reports, Specificiations, Manuals, Instructions, Schematics, Bill of Material, Gerber Files, Working Prototypes, Manufacturable Product, Procured Test Equipment, Customer Owned Tooling, ...