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ProjectsSystem DesignComponent Level DesignFirmware Design

Core Competencies: System Design

Architecture Synthesis


         Exploration of applicable topologies and technologies

         Design partitioning into DSP, FPGA, ASIC, and firmware/microprocessor mediums

         Analog/RF vs. digital processing domains


         Centralized vs. distributed signal processing

         Hardwired vs. general purpose DSP

         IF vs. baseband A/D DAC conversion

         Software modem vs. hardware modem


Architectural Analysis


         Performance (e.g. latency, throughput, Noise Figure, IMD, etc.)






         Standards compliance

         Product life cycle

         Electromagnetic Compatibility/Susceptibility

         Analysis tools include VHDL and Simulink behavioural simulation, application specific spreadsheets, etc.


Subsystem Familiarity


         Frequency Synthesis: PLL, DSS

         Superhetrodyning: digital, analog/RF

         Filtering: Spectrum shaping, notch, image and blocker rejection

         Modulation: CPFSK, GMSK, OFDM, AM, FM, PWM, etc

         Source Coding: a-law/u-law PCM, ADCPM, CELP etc

         Channel Coding: Block and convolution coding

         Equalization: amplitude, phase, multipath, and Doppler shift distortion

         Timing Recovery: data assisted/unassisted

         Link layer processing: HDLC, CRC, MAC, etc. 

         AGC: RSSI, log amplifiers

         Control Loops: feedback, feedforward, PID

         Protocol layer processing: compelled, ARQ

         Application layer processing: content adaptation